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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End

It's been four years since I first started blogging on this blog. Four long years. Since then I have grown up as well. I have left this blog to move onto more trending topic blogging and other activities and interests. In those four years, I have witnessed at lot of changes. I saw our country have it's first African American president, went to middle school, moved on to high school, traveled to countries I've never been, learned about myself, found new passions, and saw my sister leave for her first year at college. I had the chance to go to Europe for the first time in my life. In 2 long weeks, I experienced the deep culture in London, Paris, Nice, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I realize that even though I recently haven't blogged on this site, I still tried to manage it. As I move on with my life, I know that I no longer will keep this blog up to date. To say that I haven't learned anything from this blog would be a lie. This blog taught me how to write about things that are in the now and how to write creatively. I still have a long way to go, but I know that having had this blog, I have already taken a few steps to learning more. I look back now and see the difference in the way I write. I can easily see how my writing has changed in four years. For many people four years is nothing compared to what they have lived. Their style of writing would have stayed the same. For me, it was nearly a fourth of my life. I don't have the experience that many people have, so I look forward to opening the doors ahead and pursuing my desires and passions. I will one day look back on this blog and be able to say that I started here. My first impression of middle school was recorded here, my love of staying up to date with music has a piece here, a passion for reading is here, and many other random bits and pieces of me and my experiences. I am moving on into the next chapter of my life, and with that I am moving on past this blog. If you do happen to come across this blog later in your future, maybe I will have another piece of my life here for you to read. For now, I will end with have a nice day, and thank you for your time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Improv Everywhere!

Ever heard this? There are a bunch of leaders of this group who help organize huge events that seem like they are all going off randomly all at once! Take a look at some of this group's more famous acts. Some of these turn out to be incredibly funny! Watch the reactions of the bystanders!:)

  1. Frozen Grand Central
  2. Grocery Store Musical
  3. Food Court Musical
  4. Improve Everywhere: Suicide Jumper
  5. Improve Everywhere: Best Buy
  6. Human Mirror
  7. Star Wars Subway Car
  8. Who You Gonna Call?
  9. Surprise Wedding Reception
  10. High Five Escalator
I hope you enjoy the videos and have a grin for the rest of your day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

The day is here. Guys, did you get your girl flowers? You better have because today isn't just the day of love, it's the day of break up and divorces. Today is the highest break up and divorce rate out of any day in the year! Who would have guessed that the day dedicated to love could have been so devastating for that many more people. She expected you to give her a very sweet box of chocolates and flowers, but instead she gave you the chop. Their love turned on them and forgot the flowers! OMG! He couldn't have! Ahh! So, that is one way you could have turned one of the best days into a disaster. Well, if you haven't gone and gotten that last minute kiss or box of chocolates, go! Hope you had a good Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Take It All

As many citizens across the US watch the T.V. screen, they witness the Packers storm the Steelers and win the Super Bowl. With the final score of 31-25, the Packers hold the Steelers from the last touchdown and win. The Packers led the entire game, with the Steelers only getting within 3 points at one point. Good performance from both teams, though they made tons of mistakes the entire game. I think that all of the hard work that the Packers put into getting this win paid off. Only qualifying for the Playoffs because of their second half of their season, it was quite a comeback for their team.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lots of Thinking

I am considering making a forum like post area, where readers can discuss things from a variety of topics. How it will work will be I post a topic, and open the comments to anyone to post a comment. I will have at least 5 running "forum" like post at a time. I may close some from anonymous posting sometimes. Send in any ideas! Thanks.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada wins most golds ever in Winter Olympic History

Canada has done it. Coming into these games with no golds on home soil in either Winter or Summer Olympics, they leave the games with 14 Olympic gold medals. This beats the previous record of 12 Olympic gold medals. Our first gold came from Alexandre Bilodeau in the men's moguls and our last gold came from a heart stopping Overtime win by Sidney Crosby in men's hockey. Canada and the US dueled it out with hard hits and insane shots in Canada's rematch with the US after losing the first match against the US. The goalies Miller and Luongo were breathtaking and every move was extremely insane. Over the past few weeks, Vancouver has seen many amazing moments that will be talked about for days to come. All in all, congratulations Canada on winning your first home gold and setting the golden standard and I hope to see another amazing Winter Olympic hockey game in the future. Go Canada!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Got Ripped Off

Two scammers at a Home Depot parking lot told this guy that they had just found several thousand dollars in a bag and said if he paid one thousand to show he was worthy, then they would give him a third of the money they had found. It turns out the poor gullible guy did just that, but never got his third of the money. Just goes to show, never believe someone who says they just found a lot of money and would give you some of it if you gave him money to show you were worthy.

The Future is DEATH

Smoggy air, muggy weather, crowded train stations, 18 million people. This is what scientists believe might be the future for our cities. More than 75% of the human population could be in these cities. Unless we find a solution, 2050 might be the last of the clean air breathers also known as humans. Scientists and engineers are in the challenge of their life. Find a solution to global warming and CO2 emissions. To reverse the path we are headed on, we must save what we have and make a change. Stop using so much energy and fossil fuels. Many people wonder if the world will end in 2050, the answer might regretfully be, YES. If we aren't able to stop global warming, then all of human kind might be destroyed. The sea levels are one way we are able to tell the world we need change now. The arctic ice caps are melting and are flowing into the oceans raising concern for New York City and many other seaside cities. Conserve what we have or the future just might be gone.

New Map System

The Google Earth

The new three dimensional maps shows you images of terrains, buildings, cities, and many other places. You can also explore galaxies that may be somewhere in space in 3D. You get satellite images of every location you can think of. You can explore the places by flying around above the place, or the prospective of a passenger in a car. You also get features like what a building would look like during the day or night. You can also check traffic in a location, the weather, see roads, zoom in and out the place you are searching, click on buildings or monuments to see what they are, or even go to the most beautiful mountain ranges and watch the day go by in fast forward from sun rise to sun set. Google Earth lets you save locations you have searched and share the videos with friends and family. This is a great way to go on a vacation that is free. You read it right, this amazing new map coverage is FREE! One of the best parts is if you have a location, you can fly there. The only part that requires a payment is if you would like the Google Earth Pro which is for commercial and professional use. This is an extraordinary $400! This cost is big that might bust your wallet, but you get many more features that would enhance your business's performance. The BEST way to see the advantages of Google Earth Pro is to go check it out at: . The best of luck to your company or your "vacation"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something Fun to Do

Try to decode this: I kile immingsw lal het iemt. Ym ivoartef nhgit ot od hwne m'i ont minwsmig si, edar ro payl no het mpurotce. Could you make out either of the sentences? If you can, submit your answers to the comments section of the Something Fun to Do post and I will reply in the comment under yours if you're right or wrong. Ogod uclk, nad yeb ofr own! P.S All the words that are italicised and blue are scrambled. Only I isn't scrambled. Have fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

THe Hot List Of Songs

This is the first monthly special! I'm going to start this off by saying thanks for keeping an interest in this blog. So, lets get started!

These are the Top 5 songs. The #1 song to look for is... Forever by Chris Brown. This song has swept the nation off its feet and has the nation singing with it. The #2 spot, Leavin' by Jessie McCartney, has ranked highly for a long time and grows in popularity every day. The third ranked song in America is Closer by Ne-Yo. A song on rise is Dangerous by Kardinal Offishall and features Akon. This Canadian rapper has made it to the top of the ranking very fast and his popularity has taken off like a rocket. And the final song on the Top 5 is Disturbia by Rihanna.

That's all for this first monthly special!
Look for another monthly special, there may be one before the month is up!

Rankings from Hot 99.5 Thanks!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Things to Look For

There are a lot of new things on this blog now. If you want something to read, there is the daily reel of hot stories that is on the sidebar. There is a daily quote, comic, and weather. If you are new to this blog site, then I should tell you what is going on here. The same goes for the thrilled returning readers. I have been trying to keep up with the best stuff to publish, but I haven't found as much recently. I will now be posting something new every month (or hopefully every other) to keep you occupied. Some of the new ones might be about what hot topics are in the news, or just some other things here and there. So keep looking for the new posts!

Middle School Life

I'm finally posting again! I've finally gotten a middle student point of view of the world. Life moves so fast that when we start to finally enjoy it, it's already going away. For instance, let us say you love to play sports in Physical Education. Then once you start to really have fun, BRIIIIINNGGGG!!! The bell goes off to end the period. Then, in the hallways you have to fight your way to your lockers to get your next class's supplies. Middle school is a hard life, but it is pretty much a real life scenario. You start to get used to having to go to different classes. That's like when you have to start doing different things every day, like one day you might have to get up early because work calls for you, then the next you get to sleep in because you finished extra work and don't have as much on your shoulders. Middle school is really a test to see if you've got the skills to become a better student, or someone who only does the minimum to get past with a C average. You start to think differently when you are in middle school because you want to start to pull away from the slackers so that you can impress the teachers to get better recommendations. Middle School, those two words say it all. It's the middle between really fun and pretty easy to hard and studying all the time. You want middle school to be the best years before you really have to start buckling down. Getting B's or higher is a need in high school because you don't want to be in the pack, you want to break away and take the lead. The colleges start to notice you in high school. Middle school is just a preparation for that.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Way Out Of This Year

ROBOTS, Robots, robots. That's what everyone thinks will be the future.
Guess again. There is a program in Germany called the RoboCup German Open where the computer whizzes go to strain their brains. They construct and program different robots to recognize the orange ball as a ball and not a piece of nothing. The robots then play a game of soccer that is as interesting as a normal game of soccer. These robots can be as small as a hand or as big as a three foot tall "giant". The robots can also move by crawling, walking, or rolling.

And a little something from Little Star:
**Looking for more robots?
Here's the RoboCup German Open homepage!
Here's the RoboCup homepage! And another RoboCup homepage...there's a slight difference, though I don't know how...
Little Star**

Thanks for finding those sites, Little Star!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Hottest Stuff of the Year

Do you need new items for your house? Can't stand the old and out of fashion?
Well, here is a list of things just for you. Right now, the Wii is soaring above the rest. The new game system is a wireless wonder where the more you play, the more exciting it gets. The new iPhone is still a buzz all over the world. With more then a million sold you won't need try to impress any more. With features similar to an iPod, it has Internet access and many other features (including a phone service!). The iPod Touch is also trying to get a crowd with internet and YouTube access, you can watch all the newest videos. The new MacBook Air has run into a small problem but is still the thinnest laptop ever.
The song Low by Flo Rida is available for download all over the place. The song had a booming success and is in his new album Mail On Sunday.

Any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to ask!