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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The End

It's been four years since I first started blogging on this blog. Four long years. Since then I have grown up as well. I have left this blog to move onto more trending topic blogging and other activities and interests. In those four years, I have witnessed at lot of changes. I saw our country have it's first African American president, went to middle school, moved on to high school, traveled to countries I've never been, learned about myself, found new passions, and saw my sister leave for her first year at college. I had the chance to go to Europe for the first time in my life. In 2 long weeks, I experienced the deep culture in London, Paris, Nice, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I realize that even though I recently haven't blogged on this site, I still tried to manage it. As I move on with my life, I know that I no longer will keep this blog up to date. To say that I haven't learned anything from this blog would be a lie. This blog taught me how to write about things that are in the now and how to write creatively. I still have a long way to go, but I know that having had this blog, I have already taken a few steps to learning more. I look back now and see the difference in the way I write. I can easily see how my writing has changed in four years. For many people four years is nothing compared to what they have lived. Their style of writing would have stayed the same. For me, it was nearly a fourth of my life. I don't have the experience that many people have, so I look forward to opening the doors ahead and pursuing my desires and passions. I will one day look back on this blog and be able to say that I started here. My first impression of middle school was recorded here, my love of staying up to date with music has a piece here, a passion for reading is here, and many other random bits and pieces of me and my experiences. I am moving on into the next chapter of my life, and with that I am moving on past this blog. If you do happen to come across this blog later in your future, maybe I will have another piece of my life here for you to read. For now, I will end with have a nice day, and thank you for your time.

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